High expectations, Father-son relationship

I kind of enjoyed this week’s readings. There is one reading that I think my brother can relate to. I perceived the character wanting to try really hard to make his father proud. His father expects him to be a man, get a job and to grow into an adult. The boy feared his father getting angry with him and yelling at him; he felt like he was letting his father down whenever he angered his father. The boy was also sensitive and was always bullied however, he puts up a front and pretends he’s not in pain. The father forces the boy to get a job because that is what is expected from the boy. As I am reading this article, I can’t help but relate the relationship between the boy and his father with the relationship between my brother and our father. My brother constantly works hard every day to live up to our fathers standards. My father expects him to get good grades, work hard, and to have the opportunity to be someone. My brother gets bullied a lot and sometimes he tries to hide it from everyone. He tries not to show it to anyone even though we all know it hurts him. My father tells him to stand up for himself and to fight back no matter what so they won’t pick on him. My dad forces my brother to enter boy scouts; to continue to go to meetings, camping opportunities, and to become a leader. My father wants my brother to become a strong leader; to my brother, that’s some very large shoes to fill.

            Even though my brother constantly feels the pressure from out father to become a good, well-rounded person, I know my brother appreciates everything my father does for him. My father considers my brother his best friend; they do everything together. My brother doesn’t have many friends, but I can tell he doesn’t care because he has his father telling him what to do (kidding). Seriously, my father is there for my brother and I know my brother loves and appreciate our father.

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2 Responses to High expectations, Father-son relationship

  1. Julie Lavalliere says:

    I can relate to you because my brother is similar to yours. He always listens to what he tells him. He wants to be the manly man like my dad. My dad is always working outside on the yard or building things in his wood shop. He also likes fixing things himself. My brother would always help and learn from him. My dad also made my brother get a job. They get along well and have a good father son relationship.

  2. roshnisondhi says:

    In my blog, I also wrote about the relationship between Dubus and his father, and my father with my brother. My dad often took my brother fishing and made him join Karate classes so that my brother could be strong and be able to defend himself. He wants my brother to be a “man”. If my brother would be upset or sad, dad would ask him to “man up”. That’s why my bother never approaches my dad if he sad about something.
    After reading your blog, I feel that fathers in general are always stricter with their sons. Majority of the fathers want their son to be strong and do manly things like wrestling, camping. They want their sons to be fearless and be a leader.

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