This week has been quite interesting. We have been describing places and using amazing details. This weeks readings were also very interesting. My favorite story was the one titled What They Don’t Tell you About a Hurricane. I found that one extremely interesting and I really loved the language that the other was using. The part that I liked best was when he was saying how he wished the hurricane on the next town over. That is a really mean thing to say and I could tell that he felt bad about it. At the same time, the author was being really honest with his readers. I think it is great to be honest with your readers because that kind of helps them get a good sense of who the writer really is. 

I also think that it took a lot of courage to say that. He knows it is not a nice thing to say at all but he says it anyway. I think that those little moments of bitter truth can relate to the reader and we can all think about a similar situation where we might have felt the same exact way. It also lets us see how he is thinking. We get the idea that he doesn’t want to hurricane but we can also tell that he feels it isn’t fair for them to get this natural disaster once again. He tells us about the last hurricane that was not so long ago and how it affected him and his neighborhood. He is telling us that he doesn’t feel his neighborhood can handle another disaster like that and it wouldn’t be fair to have to go through it twice with such little time in between.

Everything that they worked so hard for was going to be gone. He speaks of his boat and all the other boats that belonged to the people around him. He uses really great descriptive language to show us how much he knows about these boats. Not only does he show us his knowledge but he shows us his passion for the boat as well. You must have passion about something to really know and understand all of its terms.

Overall I liked this story very much. I found that it was very sad but I try to look past the sad stuff and look more into the language because the sad stuff is just too sad. 

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  1. I agree, this does show the author in a more honest light. By adding this in his work you can either interpret him as heartless for wishing such a disaster on another innocent town, or you can view his words as honest. I tend to side towards his honesty and appreciate that he allowed his readers to get a sense of how he actually feels – instead of portraying a “perfect” person.

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