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The Personal Essay Essay #1. I love the use of humor in this piece, it makes is very personal. This sounds like a statement from an applicant in an interview, using a strong voice to appeal to the reader rather than listing … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment To be honest, this was the first essay that came up when I searched for personal statements. When I first read it I did not think that it was that good. I read about 10 more and realized that … Continue reading

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My (Belated) Wishlist of Schools

It took me a while to look into schools because I felt so intimated and repulsed and confused by the idea of going to medical school. Writing about it and listening to everyone’s ideas in class really helped, now I … Continue reading

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Reflections on Yesterday’s Writing Prompt

I found yesterday’s writing prompt to be really interesting and thought-provoking.  For those that missed it, it was to write the personal statement that you would not send in. I took the first thing that popped into my head and wrote … Continue reading

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Zinsser’s “College Pressures”

Zinsser’s piece, “College Pressures”, depicts the plight of the college student in today’s economically driven society. There are several key social issues Zinsser notes. One is the is the struggle to be better than our classmates. This is seen as … Continue reading

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Looking Forward: Medical School

Entering Stony Brook during my freshman year, I knew I was going to plan on applying to medical school soon. I’m in my third year here at Stony Brook, yet I still feel like I’m in the same place I … Continue reading

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Optometry School

The prospect of graduate school seems frighteningly close. Being only a sophomore, I am now honorarily scared out of my wits after taking WRT 303 and being forced to think critically about the admissions process (thanks Professor Lucenko!) However, I … Continue reading

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