This I believe

This week I read few essays from a website- There were many short essays but I selected only few essays to read. Those essays were interesting and inspiring, I could relate to some of the stories, and some of the stories were:

“The Eternal Sunshine” by Traci Higgins, talks about how she helped her mother to go door knocking to raise money for American Lung Association. Although they did not raise enough money, Higgins, even as a child felt that whatever her mother did was “extraordinary” and giving. Higgins mother inspired her and now she volunteers and fund-raises for causes such as to stop genocide, homelessness, hunger and so on. I had a similar childhood story as her. I would go with my mother to give food and clothes to the underprivileged children. Whenever I went with my mother to help the needy, I saw the difference we made in their lives by making a small contribution. That contribution made them happy which in turn made me happy too. It’s been 19 years, and I still do volunteer work for good causes such as poverty and hunger.

Suzanne Biemiller wrote about mother-daughter relationship in her story- “Call your mother”. She mentions how she was far away from home and that made her call her mother everyday no matter what happened. They spoke on the phone every day and shared everything with each other. This communication made their relationship stronger. My relationship with my mother got stronger as well when I came to the U.S for higher education. I would miss my mom since she was in India and due to time difference and busy schedules, we could not talk to each other as much. However, we made sure that we spoke every day, if not on the phone, at least through blackberry messenger. Definitely, I have become closer to my mom then I was before. There would be issues that I would share with my mom and no one else. By being so far away, made me also realize the importance of family and keeping in touch with them.

Another story that I could relate to was- “Living in Fear” by Sarah. Although Sarah is from New Hampshire, she decided to spend her four years of college life in Indiana at Purdue University. In her story, she mentioned that she was nervous and scared to go far from home. However, at the same time she realizes that she needs to put her fears behind, carry out her education and succeed. I felt the same way when I left India to come to the U.S for college. I decided to be fearless and do everything to my full potential. I learned to be independent from my family and friends and become more self-confident. I agree that, “Living in fear deprives people of some of the simplest pleasures in life and prevents them from living to their maximum potential”. There will always be obstacles in our lives, but we should not let our fears stop us from achieving our goals.

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3 Responses to This I believe

  1. rebeccasadique says:

    I found it interesting that two out of three of your essays were about mother/daughter relationships! And then it all made sense when you wrote about leaving the country to pursue an education here. It’s clear that you picked out essays that you really related to, nice blog post! I definitely have to agree with you that being charitable makes you feel better about yourself. Mothers clearly make such strong impressions on their children, since the author of that essay has continued with her charitable work. Although I am very close to my home, my relationship with my mother has become stronger due to the fact that I don’t live at home. We talk a lot more when I’m away, people sometimes take each other for granted with they’re living together. Sometimes it takes leaving your home to develop a stronger bond with your parents.

  2. larissarios2013 says:

    What you and your mother did is inspiring. There needs to be more people like you, as well as Traci Higgins, who are selfless and would try to spread happiness through generosity. Great blog post!

  3. jlavalliere says:

    I felt the same way when I first left for college. It’s ironic that the writer of the This I Believe essay is from New Hampshire because I’m from there too! Since I’m out of state, I can’t go home all the time to visit my parents and friends. I was so nervous about meeting new people and being all alone. I can’t imagine how you felt leaving your country. I didn’t think about the time zone challenges that you face until you mentioned it. My brother dated a girl who studied abroad in China and due to the time difference, they decided to go on a break because communicating with each other would be too much of a hassle. I love how your relationship with your mom grew stronger even though you guys are so far apart. I feel the same has happened between me and my brother when he went away to college. We used to fight all the time, but now, we barely fight at all when we see each other. It’s amazing how sometimes distance can bring two people together.

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