True Happiness Comes from Helping Others

One of the essays that stood out to me was called True Happiness Come from Helping Others by Jin Young. This author truly believes in community service and the satisfaction on receives from helping other people in need. Young does a lot of community service and actually enjoys it. Young received so much from volunteering. Young speaks of a when he became something more than a volunteer and that is what he gets from helping people.

I agree with Young. I also truly enjoy helping people. In this essay he talks about how he started out as just being a teacher. Then it turns out into more than that. I believe that what goes around comes around and if I am good to others then others will be good to me as well. I get great satisfaction from helping someone. This summer I was able to help a young boy with his writing. I really enjoyed it and I get to watch his progress from day one. The best part is the bond the came from it. I helped him do things that he never wants to do. I made him do school work over the summer. I did not think there was anyway he would like me because I made him work. When he started second grade last week I realized what an impact I had on his work. He came home with something written in his planner and I was so excited that he actually remembered what he did with me. He always wants me to spend time with him even though I made him work over the summer before having fun. I love him as if he were my little brother and I am so proud of the ways he has improved.I feel that I helped him get closer to success and I also feel that I gave him someone else he can depend on if he ever needs anything and I hope he knows that. I would do anything for him and I love him dearly. These are the things that happens when you help others, they become a part of you, a part of your life.

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One Response to True Happiness Comes from Helping Others

  1. larissarios2013 says:

    Nice! Helping others makes yourself feel good too!

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