This I Believe…

Honestly, I had a hard time picking only 2 essays that I liked, so I picked the ones that had the most impact on me.
In “Astronomy 101” by Pips – Fairbanks (, the author questions existence and our place in the universe. He outlines how the stars have taught him the basic three principles that govern his life, insignificance, open-mindedness and passion. He uses imagery to paint a picture of how a simple observation ignited these principles and how each principle makes him sense the world around him. I chose this piece since I am a believer of science, and throughout my studies, I have felt insignificant as compared to the world around us and felt awe in the amazing forces of nature.
In “The Dandelion Principle” By Moriah (, the author starts by defining himself by his actions, belongings and experiences. He further explains how these experiences that shaped his being, are inseparable from him, no matter the situation or location. The author develops what he calls “the dandelion principle” , to give him hope and to assure him that there is always a chance for anything anywhere. The principle is that like dandelion seeds, they could go wherever the wind takes them, and still grow and bloom in any conditions (unlike most other plants). The principle gives him hope that a man can grow in any condition, and that pain and suffering is usually temporary, and every situation could be dealt with. In this piece I admired his ability to not only show what he believes in, but also developed his own principle (not a set of rules or guides) to help him through tough situations.

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