This I Believe…

I really enjoyed reading a bunch of the This I Believe essays. One that stuck out to me was In Giving, I Believe by James Wichita. He is discussing how he went to an underprivileged country called Guyana. He was talking about how if you are truly generous, you will never feel that you are giving too much. He was talking about how in that poor country, he witnessed a poor women giving to another poor women. “Someone who had nothing giving to someone else.” I also liked that he he went to Guyana to help people but left having learned many things. He talks about how they taught him that giving to others is the only life worth living. I think that is a great lesson to discuss. I also like how to explain how he believes in giving, he told a story that describes a giving situation perfectly. I feel that I want to write about a topic like this in my essay as well.

Another essay I really enjoyed is We Should All Be a Little More Like Jesus by Jordan – Bar Harbor. This essay really caught my attention because of the topic of it and the ending of it. I really enjoyed the topic and the style of writing as well. Jordan was talking about how if everyone did a good deed a day the world could be a better place. He was talking about how one simple thing he did made him realize this and made him feel like we all needed to take part in making our world a better place. His simple act of giving a poor man the few amount of dollars he had made him feel so happy. I really enjoyed the ending of the paper as well. I loved that he connected it to what the world can be like and what we should do to change it. I think it is an encouraging ending and a good way to connect people.

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3 Responses to This I Believe…

  1. klucenko says:

    I also think what’s powerful in these essays is that they are about the real moments in people’s lives, and small, simple actions that have a deep and lasting impact.

    Also, can you edit your post to include links to these essays? Thanks!

  2. thaque29 says:

    In reading your summaries for both essays, I feel like I can get a sense of your beliefs. Both of your pieces are concerned with kindness, generosity, and charity. Even the ones in need of charity are able to be charitable. Both essays point to selflessness as a means to transform the world (or at least, one person’s world). and I don’t think that these choices of essays were inconsequential of your own beliefs.

  3. adharahaque says:

    I really like these essays you chose! Both revolve around being kind, and generous. I agree when visiting underprivileged countries show us that people have it worse than us. Whenever I visit Bangladesh, I see beggars on every street corner who are trying to raise kids and just need a little but of money for food and water. Whenever I gave away even a little bit of what I had-It did make me feel good. Knowing that I am helping others make a living. I think everyone in they world should think like that. There will always be someone who is worse off than us.

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