This week I read articles about memories and nostalgia. The authors expressed their memories in their writings differently. As I was reading their stories, it gave a jog to several of my memories too.

While reading, Andrei Codrescu’s – “Nostalgia for everything”, the reader would notice the nostalgia present in the piece. Definitely, nostalgic memories have more meaning than just memories because nostalgia wants to take the person back in time and the situation is more personal. I also liked the imagery and comparisons he made in his writings. For example, “I’m like the Marcel Poust, who smelled a cookie and couldn’t stop remembering” (198). I also had memories like that which I would never forget.

Joe Brainard’s- “I remember” was a simple list of all his memories- important and not important. While reading the list of things he remembered, there were some stories that help me remember my own experiences from the past. Even a memory of Brainards such as “I remember being shown to my seat with a flashlight” (114) helped me remember all those times when I went to watch a movie or a concert with my family or friends. I also liked the humor that he mentions- “I remember Randy, Katy’s rich blond beau with cars. And K.O., Katy’s poor boxer beau with curly hair and no cars” (111)

There is a difference between the writings by Brainards and Codrescu’s. I felt that Brainard just listed several things that he remembered whereas Codrescus wrote about memories that were more personal and it involved nostalgia.

In Tobias Wolff “Last shot”, he remembers his old friend- Hugh Pierce who died during war. It was a sad story and it reminded of my very close friend who passed away in a car accident. I had similar feelings when I lost my close friend as the author felt when Hugh died. “Instead of remembering Hugh as I knew him, I too often think of him in terms of what he never had the chance to be” (58). When I read this, I had similar thoughts about my friend. I often wondered how she would be after she graduated from college or when she got her first job or when she got married. I always wondered how she would have changed as a person or whether we would still be friends 10 years from now.

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