This I Believe Essay

“A Father’s Lectures” by Seth Chalmer is a very moving piece. In this short essay, Chalmer explains the most important lesson his father could have ever taught him. This childhood experience has instilled in him the morals and compassion he strives to carry with him throughout his life. Chalmer learns the importance of defending others – and his father states how he should view oppression, in a very straightforward, blunt way. The way Chalmer’s father presented this issue struck me as most memorable – he tells his son to interpret every insult he hears about another’s nationality, sexuality or ethnicity, as a direct insult to him. No matter how different they may be, he taught his son to take every insult made to another man as if it were made to him personally. 

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1 Response to This I Believe Essay

  1. larissarios2013 says:

    I like this essay. It makes us go through what other people go through when they are being insulted. It makes it easier for us to be less judgmental and to be more accepting of others despite their heritage, ethnicity or sexuality. LOVE this post.

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