I remember… I liked it because there are so many memories in just a few pages. I felt it was something that we can all relate to and connect with. Maybe we cannot connect or relate to all of them but I know everyone has had at least one similar experience. All of those memories are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. They are ordinary because they are simple things that a lot of people can relate to or recall something similar happening to them. Yet, they are extraordinary because they are things that stand out to not only the writer, but the reader as well. The things that stand out the most are probably things that are weird and strange, something that was different. For example, I do not remember ever doing homework in elementary school because that was something that we just did everyday. Somehow I remember that one time I did not do my homework and I was really scared that I would get in trouble if the teacher did not believe my excuse. So I think a lot of memories are from things that stand out of our ordinary everyday life.

I also liked how each memory sort of come from each other. One memory leads him to remember the next one. It is like a chain reaction. At the same time, they are also their own memory and they tell their own story. Each sentence can be expanded into much more. They each can be extended to an entire story of more memories just from that one specific sentence.


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2 Responses to Remember

  1. klucenko says:

    Thanks, Breanna. It’s interesting to think of all the things that we do not remember, but experienced/saw/felt. That could be an essay in itself–“I don’t remember…” A way to subvert and/or invert Brainard’s form, and emphasize more of the mysterious nature of memory, which Hampl and Danticat explore in their essays.

  2. maknouk says:

    I agree. I thought it was so cool how all the memories he posted were so simple and not so serious but they were still so interesting to read and so easy to relate to. I also liked how the memories were in no specific order really but still seemed to have stemmed from each other and tell a big story. I tried to write like this in my essay for this week. At first I found it to be really hard but after a while it was fun to do.

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