This weeks readings really caught my attention. I really liked the topic that we talked about. I thought all the writers from this week showed a different writing styles that were interesting to a reader because they were different. The first reading was I remember by Joe Brainard. This one was my favorite because of the style of it. I really liked how it was simple yet did so much. Every line was just a simple memory that normally would not be made a big deal, but as I was reading it, jogged my memory so many times. I think this happened because of how specific yet relate able every line was. He made every memory so specific and visual that images instantly pop into my head as I was reading through it. He was talking about memories that many people have experienced as well. Because of this, every time I read the relate able memory, I remembered that scenario in my life as well. For example, the line ” I remember being shown to my seat with a flashlight” brings me back memories of all the concerts I have been to and all the good memories I had from them. I really liked that about this reading. Another thing I really enjoyed is that at first, I thought the memories were a bunch of random thoughts, but it wasn’t. After going back and looking at the reading again, you can tell his brain processing throughout the story. You can tell how one memory jogged the next that jogged the next, and eventually lead to a chronological story.
We made a point in class yesterday that there was a difference between Brainard’s writing and Codrescu’s writing because Brainard talks about solely remembering things while Codrescu had feelings of nostalgia with all his memories. I thought this was a good point to bring up because there is a difference. I think nostalgia brings up more sentimental feelings and makes you really want to go back in time and experience the memory all over again, while remembering is just an “oh yeah that has happened” type thing. Nostalgic memories are definetly more important to me because they were such enjoyable memories that I am sad they are over. We also made the point in class that nostalgic memories are very bitter sweet because you are sad they are over but happy you made the memory. Another thing I really enjoyed about Codrescu’s reading is the details and sensory feelings he made. One line that I really liked was “I remember the wind whistling with snowflakes in it down Woodward Avenue in Detroit as I looked for a warm place to sit and contemplate the future year 1967, for which I already felt nostalgic though it hadn’t even happened.” I like this a lot because he basically is saying how he thought the upcoming year was going to be a great year in a way that is different yet so exciting.

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  1. cierrarouse says:

    I agree with all these points. There is definitely a difference in remembering and nostalgic thoughts. Nostalgia is intense, it’s recalling the past and wishing you were there instead of where you are presently. The line that you pointed out in Cordrescu’s piece was my absolute favorite. I love the notion of things that you haven’t experienced that you can have nostalgia for. There are moments I’m waiting for in life and I can almost feel the nostalgia that will come with them. The aspect of Brainard’s being simple but getting its point across is one I definitely agree with.I don’t think the simplicity was a mistake, but rather a rhetorical choice to make his experiences ones that the reader could understand and relate to. Great insight!

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