I really liked this week readings a lot more than the readings last week. Don’t get me wrong, last week’s articles were interesting and really made me think about the difference between lying and not telling the truth, especially when it comes to remembering certain memories.

                My favorite article was “I Remember,” by Joe Brainard. I love how every sentence I read is something I, or anyone, can relate to. An example would be the sentence where he talked about remembering the little packages of colored sugar-like stuff and how it turned his tongue different colors. That sentence is probably something we can all relate to, especially as young children. For me, I can almost taste the sugar on my tongue and how sweet the flavor was in my mouth. Reading the sentence about mosquito spray and mosquito bites, I can almost smell the mosquito repellent and feel the itchy bumps of the mosquito bites. I can also see the dark green or red canoe he talks about in this article. That’s what I liked so much about the article. I loved how I can almost visualize what Brainard is saying as I read. I can taste the french-fries when he talks about the restaurant, feel the plastic forks and knives, see the pink and brown and white ice cream in layers.

                I also like the way he goes into a deeper level and talks about remembering body realizations. I tried to talk about that line in class however, my nerves got the best of me and I stuttered and probably said the wrong stuff. When I read the sentence, I can almost remember how hard it was to go through puberty. I remember the different feelings and emotions I would experience while growing into a young woman. I remember how harsh it was to be in middle school while children would bully you because you’re wearing a training bra. I remember how fragile I was while I was growing up in middle school while going through the things I went through at home. I’m using his essay as inspiration and a guideline to write this week’s short essay.

                Not only was Brainard’s article relatable, it also brought into a place of nostalgia. I started pausing between certain sentences while reminiscing about certain events that happened in my life that can relate to some memories he brought up.

                I also really enjoyed the different emotions Wolff’s article made me visualize. I didn’t mention it today in class, but I liked the different emotions he tried to portray. The anger he felt while reading the essay, “How the Poor Die.” I can almost hear him ranting and venting about how angry he was after reading the article. I can feel the pity and, almost, sadness he is going through while talking about his friend Hugh Pierce who passed away. I remember him talking about what Hugh could have had if he was still alive. Wolff talked about remembering the things about his friend that made him so likeable and why he liked being around Hugh so much. While reading Wolff describe Hugh, I can almost feel the comfort and happiness he is trying to give himself. I can feel his sad smile while writing about what he remembered about his friend. He ends the essay on a happy memory. He ends the essay on focusing the happy image and memory he gives himself and the reader about his friend.

                I liked this week’s articles. It’s making me looked around my environment and what’s around me and try to make happy, new memories. These articles are making me realize to take in, even the little, moments such as , for example, listening to the cars outside your window or how good it feels to close your eyes and drift off to sleep. It’s making me remember the beautiful things I like about the people I love. These articles help me realize that I have to focus on treasuring the memories I make with myself and with the people around me.

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1 Response to Remembering.

  1. aliciab23 says:

    Your post was really insightful and I love the way you integrated your own imagery along with Brainard’s. I do remember like you, those sugar packet straws “Pixy Stix” where if you got it soggy enough, even the paper tasted good! I remember mixing two different colors at a time and would turn my tongue into a canvas! I could relate to your experience with mosquitoes and the repellent as well, you did a very nice job in describing the visual imagery that it started to make my skin itch! Middle school was tough for me too, I like that you were open enough to share your experiences during that time and I liked how you connected it back to Brainard’s line about the body & fragility. You kept mentioning “articles” and I got a little confused thinking there was extra reading material I hadn’t read, but then I realized you meant “essays.” Overall a great post, just remember “articles” are in newspapers and “essays” are what we’ve read in class! 🙂

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