This week readings were a bit difficult for me to understand. However, I got many interesting points from it. Michel Montaigne was talking about how important memories and stories that are truthful are. When you are telling a story that is not about what actually happened, you can either disguise or change a story or just make up a completely nonexistent story. However, the problem with this is that if you go back to tell the story, you will be caught in a web of lies and not be able to tell the same story the same way. You may also sometimes contradict the first story you told, making it very obvious that the story is not truthful. I can claim this to be true from personal experience. Telling a story that is not truthful is hard to do the second time around. Montaigne also talks about how people who lie tend to be people pleasers. They tend to “fashion” their words to suit the people they are talking to. This leads to their words always changing according to whom they are with. I also agree with this point. Another point that Montaigne brings up that I agree with is how when we are kids, our parents are so strict with us to not do certain things. He thinks that the most important thing our parents should be teaching us it to be truthful with our words. The bad habit of lying is something that grows with you and it’s hard to get rid of. I agree with this point as well. Being honest is a very good quality to have because who doesn’t love someone who sticks to their word?

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