I thoroughly enjoyed this day’s reading pieces. Memory and nostalgia are subjects that I personally encounter all the time (as I’m sure all of you do as well) and think about very frequently. I think it is really amazing how your brain stores memories in different ways, and makes connections to completely random things that trigger these memories. For example, smell plays a huge role in most of my memories, and the second I smell a certain scent, some distant memory comes into mind. Just yesterday, I walked outside and the air felt crisp and smelt the way it always had when school just started (which was the case for most places yesterday) and it really felt like a day of new beginnings.
On the Brainard reading…I liked how he started with childhood memories that started mixing up with more recent memories. I especially liked how each memory melted into the next with a single connection. For example, the encyclopedia memory started with a woman convincing his mom to get them, and continued to a memory where she actually started getting them but stopped eventually. I think this piece can really relate to anyone since his memories are ones that are simple and common to everyone. It wasn’t just a personal experience, but it was a mutual experience that everyone shares. For example, he mentions a memory where he learnt a new word but he didn’t remember how he learned it. I think everyone could relate to that, since we all learn new things everyday, but usually, we don’t remember how we learnt it, or where or from who. This was by far, my favorite reading from the ones we were required to read. I really related to it, since some of his memories triggered some of my own.
On the Codrescu reading…Ah nostalgia! I think that’s something most people enjoy. His imagery was great! I really got a feel of where he was or what he was trying to draw in my mind. I was impressed how he explained his memories as memories. Each instance occurred in one year, but jumped to the next. It was like he was remembering remembering. On the last line he was even saying how he’s sitting in one place, already missing it because he knows it will yet again, also become a memory. It was a very unique way of representing nostalgia.
On the Wolff reading…I thought this piece was harder to relate to because it was a personal experience of the author. I think what he was trying to show was that sometimes we remember that the glass is half empty where we should remember that its half full. You tend to remember what you lost, but not what you had. Furthermore, I think he was trying to say that a lot of times when you remember a situation you get stuck in a “what if?” scenario. If the road forked at some point, “what if” you chose right and not left? what could have happened? would the result be different? would you be somewhere else right now? I think these are all good questions that we often question ourselves, especially when you get into a sticky situation where you wished you made a different choice at a certain time.
On the King reading…This struck me. “Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open”. I always have a hard time rewriting my work. Sometimes you feel like it was better the first time around, or you miss things because your brain fills the spaces in without you realizing. I thought this sentence was interesting because, the first time you write to yourself, but when you rewrite, you make it relatable to anyone. You try and make others see and feel the way you do, but also try and trigger certain things in their brain to make them feel like that piece was meant to be read by them. You try and make the writing belong to someone besides yourself. Its a great trick for rewriting, in my opinion at least, and on my next writing assignment, I will definitely try it out for myself.

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