Which Quality I Want to Explore.

I had a lot of trouble following what Lopate was trying to explain. There was a lot of information that I had to try to digest. I tried highlighting important lines I thought were significant to the points that Lopate was trying to make. However, after my Professor broke down what the article was mainly about, everything started to make sense. Today, we talked about certain qualities of a personal essay. 

          One of the qualities that really struck me was self-discovery. Today, at the age of 22, I’m still not sure of who I am or what I want to do with my life. Yes, I’m determined to be a veterinarian however, I need more answers on who I am and how I came to be. I want to try to dig deep into my inner thoughts and mind. Not only do I want to discover myself, I want to be able to able honest with myself as well. I don’t want to sugar coat anything because at this time of my life, I should be able to be honest with myself and learn more things about who I am. 

           Hopefully, by being honest and discovering who I am, I want to be able to finally love who I am. I want to have confidence in myself and love the woman I am today. I want to crack and break through my shell of insecurities and welcome the love for myself I’ve been aching to possess.

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1 Response to Which Quality I Want to Explore.

  1. adharahaque says:

    I agree, self discovery is important when writing the personal statement or anything about one’s self. That was one of my goals as well and a month into school I really think I have been learning more about myself through all these readings and writing all these essays. Lopate made alot of good points which I hope to adhere to.

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