Relief in Contradictions

Philip Lopate’s introduction to The Art of the Personal Essay presents sort of a handbook or guide to writing the personal essay that offers a helpful insight for an novice such as I, as well as a sigh of relieve for what I’ve always thought was a problem I had when I write. The idea of contradiction as a subset of the multidimensional aspect of human personality definitely resonated quite strongly as I read through the article at nearly midnight before class. I’ve always thought that the reason that I’ve always presented varying and opposing opinions in anything I presented – whether in text or through conversation – was because I didn’t have a clear grasp of who I was as a person and because I didn’t have the fundamental foundation to build up on any opinion that I express or articulate. I felt this constant meandering from one opinion or the next may just be my indecisiveness, yet Lopate presented a different view to such opposing views.

I guess my declaration in my lack of having a clear stand on anything is something I want to focus on and delve into deeper.

[to be continued]

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