Personal Essay

New to the blog thing also… Not too sure how to use this. Okay, after reading the essay about writing a personal essay I learned that it is more than just writing for a good grade. Personal essays are also good for the writer. I feel it is a sort of therapy because we are writing about things that we might not talk about as much. We are putting a lot of personality into our essays and it is more about the writer than anything else. It may also be good for the readers too because they get to read what we are all about and maybe some of our experiences are in our essay that they can learn from. I am a little scared to write a personal essay because I do not often share things about me or my past experiences. On the other hand, I am excited to see what I can come up with (without giving too much away about myself) and how much I can improve my writing. 

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One Response to Personal Essay

  1. ktbmuether says:

    I agree, Breanna! This class/writing has really proven to be very therapeutic. It resurfaces things we often forget and now, by looking back on them years later, we can interpret them differently and see things we may have not seen before.

    You’re right, personal essays are good for the writer. As Paul Graham put it, “in a real essay you’re writing for yourself,” and having others read it just “forces you to think well.” In my opinion, by having others read our essays (as intimidating as it might be), it makes us to connect our ideas and thoughts better – rambling thoughts begin to have structure and meaning.

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