Adhara Haque-Personal Essay

In this course I hope to focus on many qualities of the personal essay that will bring out my writing.

The first quality that I think is important is intimacy. There needs to be a connection formed between the writer and reader. A good essay will engage the reader right away. The writer should be able to bring the essay to life for the reader. The reader will be able to view everything through the writer’s eyes. I hope that I will be able to do that because I want people to read my story and be able to sense the emotions that are in the essay, see what I see, hear what I hear, smell what I smell, etc.

I want to bring my story to life.

Another quality that is essential is honesty. Being honest may be hard at times becuase everyone wants to bring out their best self in their writer but being honest and sincere will let the readers become aware of who you are. Its important to reveal one’s true self. Readers want to hear the real story, they want to know the real person. Through being honesty I hope that I will be able to learn more about myself as well. At times just stating the facts is what brings about new ideas and revelations. Self discovery is the goal. In this journey of life, through many experiences; I am who I am. I look at myself and see all I’ve been through and experienced.

I want the reader to hear my story, and know who I really am.

A balance between humility and self absorption is important too. The writer has to allow for flaws to exist so that the reader can make a sense of who they are. No one is perfect  and letting these exist is important.

Contradictions and expansions is a good quality for this essay as well. The writer needs to pay attention to small details so that the reader can appreciate the small things.

At the end, I want to engage the reader in every way possible. I want my true self to shine through my writing.

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